During Sunday services, we remember that our offering is a direct, concrete way to support the ministry of Jesus Christ in this congregation. Occasionally some of these offerings are earmarked for special missions and projects. One of the wonderful things about our church community is that attendees always respond in ways that allow us to continue our ministry.

Although Sunday offerings are important, there are still a great many things demanding our time and resources. Being a truly congregational church, First Congregational does not receive any financial assistance from a "higher church organization." As the old saying goes, "with a 100 year old building come 100 year old problems." In addition to the physical needs of the building, our congregation depends on financial resources to further our local church missions that assist our neighbors in need.

With that in mind, each November First Congregational launches its annual Stewardship Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to ask you for an estimate on how much you think you'd be able to contribute over the next twelve months. With this estimate, First Congregational is able to develop its yearly budget and efficiently allocate its limited resources.

After making your pledge, you'll receive regular updates on how your weekly contributions are reaching that goal so you can track your pro
Your pledge can be made in person at First Congregational or by emailing us at info@FirstCongregationalAlbany.org. For your convenience, you can also set up regular recurring pledge contributions through our secure website by clicking here.