Rev. James Eaton, Minister

“Open the gates,” one of the Psalms proclaims and First Congregational Church means to be just that: an open door to a spiritual life for everyone who enters. We are a diverse group, connected by our conviction that every person is a child of God, meant to be a blessing. Our hope is that here you will find a blessing and that your gifts will blossom into a blessing as well.

We know it’s hard to visit a church for the first time, so let me share something about that. Our congregation meets on Sundays at 10:30 AM for a service that is traditional and yet made relevant to every day concerns. Everyone is truly welcome. We greet visitors; we never make them stand up or become a focus. 

Kids are welcome to throughout the service. Many choose to go to our child care with Kara Molineaux, who cares for each one like her own. Lessons are geared to the same welcome we practice in worship.

Of course the church is welcoming and affirming; we know that each person is loved as they are, we know that all of us have had passages before and we’re here to help you with the next chapter.

So welcome to First Congregational! Questions? Feel free to ask, feel free to investigate, free to come and share any Sunday.

Rev. James Eaton, Pastor